Change in the home begins with change in the parent

It is our desire to provide practical advice and meaningful encouragement to the parents of struggling teens.

Our first message: You are not alone.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Only with intentional, long-term treatment can RAD truly be overcome. Studies have shown that this treatment is typically most successful during two times in a child’s life—early adolescence and in their thirties.

Teens with Bipolar Disorder

If you know that your child is struggling with bipolar disorder, make a conscious effort to separate yourself from the thoughts or judgments of others while seeking out positive supports.

Teens with Attention Disorders

There are many ways to combat attention deficit disorder—both medically and in your home.

Working with Disrespectful Teens

Has your once sweet and obedient child turned into a door-slamming, yelling, cursing, and disrespectful teenager?

Eating Disorders

It is not your fault that your child is struggling with an eating disorder, but it is your responsibility to help them work through it.

Teen Academic Struggles

You cannot force your teen to do well in school, but you can take steps to set them up for success and help with any academic issues.

Warning Signs

All teens are susceptible. Parents who say, “Not my kid,” are the same parents who stay in denial until their son or daughter is in real trouble.

Parenting Trouble Teens

If you believe that your teen may have crossed the line from normal teenage behavior over to “troubled teen” behavior, here is some advice that we found to be effective as we work to restore family relationships.

40 Developmental Assets

Grounded in research on child and adolescent development, risk prevention, and resiliency, assets are surprisingly easy to build! Asset building is about relationships—anyone can do it!

Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

It’s easy to make a mistake, and this goes for parents too.