Change in the home begins with change in the parent

It is our desire to provide practical advice and meaningful encouragement through our resources for parents of troubled teens.

Our first message: You are not alone.

Out of Control Teenager

It’s essential to approach this phase with empathy, understanding, and effective strategies to help manage an out of control teenager

Suicide Assessment

If you or someone you care about is at risk for committing suicide, please contact a qualified healthcare provider, helpline, or other mental health professional immediately…

Stages of Change

The Stages of Change model may be helpful in understanding and communicating the progress and trajectory of a struggling person…

Effective Consequences

Consequences occur when a young person has violated a known boundary. It is important that your teen know both that violating…

12 Keys to Creating a Healthy Home

Creating a positive home environment for teenagers is crucial for their emotional well-being and development. Here are twelve keys…

Guidelines for Healthy Boundaries

There’s plenty that could be said about setting healthy boundaries, but here’s a few critical pieces to get you started…

In Crisis? Start Here Video Series

“In Crisis? Start Here” was created because we want to help families across Canada, whether they are in our program or not…

Why Teens Look at Pornography

It is not easy to speak your teen, or anyone for that matter, about pornography. It can be extremely painful, and it is shrouded with shame.

Anger Management for Teens

It is important to recognize that anger in itself is not a bad emotion. It is a normal human response to feel anger when we disagree with the way someone else is acting, or if our boundaries have been crossed.

Oppositonal Defiance Disorder

Some oppositional behavior during adolescence is normal and expected. But there is a difference between an occasionally rebellious child or teen and one who has a consistent drive to defy authority.