Success Stories

Graduate Success Stories remind us of the power of change through passionate focus

Rock Solid Refuge is an intensive rehabilitation program often leaving our students feeling stronger than they have in years. Character development, decency, and understanding are gained in abundance, and it shows!

From RSR Student to Married Man

When I initially came to Rock Solid Refuge, I was under the impression I didn’t need to be here…

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David’s Testimony

David was a student in 2013. He’s returned now as a full staff member to put to work all that he learned from his time here and at other recovery centres, to be for these students the support that past staff were for him.

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Shayden’s Testimony

A former student, Shayden, now a staff intern, shares his story of struggle and the rocky road that God has led him down and how he has been shaped and molded by the experience.

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Return to Rock Solid – David’s Story

I chose to live in fantasy for many years trying to pretend I was someone else. It was at Rock Solid Refuge that I realized that God has a voice. The Community of Rock Solid was something I could never forget even after I returned to New Brunswick.

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Rebel to Redeemed

I can’t express how happy I am that there is hope for me and others – that God’s grace is always there to bring us back to Him.

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Eli’s Journey

It was a long, silent drive from Calgary to Rock Solid, but I was welcomed with smiles and friendly faces happy to see me. It wasn’t what I had expected.

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Life after Rock Solid

My name is Tyson, but you may remember me better as “Stuart” from my time at Rock Solid…

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Parker’s Story

I was born 5 weeks premature with under-developed lungs. No matter how hard the doctors tried, they could not get me to cry properly; I just squeaked like a mouse…

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Daniel’s Story

I was often sad and angry and would repeatedly pick fights with my parents. Not knowing what to do, yet wanting desperately to help me, they came in contact with Rock Solid Refuge. To say it was a ‘God thing’ is an understatement.

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