Success Stories

Graduate Success Stories remind us of the power of change through passionate focus

Rock Solid Refuge is an intensive rehabilitation program often leaving our students feeling stronger than they have in years. Character development, decency, and understanding are gained in abundance, and it shows!

Life after Rock Solid

My name is Tyson, but you may remember me better as “Stuart” from my time at Rock Solid…

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Parker’s Story

I was born 5 weeks premature with under-developed lungs. No matter how hard the doctors tried, they could not get me to cry properly; I just squeaked like a mouse…

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Daniel’s Story

I was often sad and angry and would repeatedly pick fights with my parents. Not knowing what to do, yet wanting desperately to help me, they came in contact with Rock Solid Refuge. To say it was a ‘God thing’ is an understatement.

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Colten’s Story

Colten, a former student, talks about the change that he has experienced at Rock Solid Refuge and his renewed hope for a good future.

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Ty’s Testimony

Ty Thibault, former student and current professional body builder, shares some of his past struggles and his appreciation of the program.

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Paul’s story

Paul’s Story I started struggling with depression around the age of seventeen, and that led to trouble with the law. My parents asked me if I would go to Rock Solid Refuge for help. I really wanted to turn my life around, so I knew this was the best thing for me. My year at Rock Solid left me with…

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Tim’s Testimony

Tim’s Story As a boy, I was starved for attention. I felt as though I was worthless, and I had no parents around to love me, support me, or teach me. I found my father’s pornography tapes when I was 8, and this began my addiction to pornography. When I was 12 years old, my mother…

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Charles Story

Charles’ Story My name is Charles. I’m from Saskatchewan. I was adopted at birth. In grade 9, I went to a big school where I was bullied by the kids in my class. This is when I started smoking marijuana, drinking, and cutting myself; I was depressed and tried to commit suicide a few times.…

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Cornelius story

Cornelius’ story I’m from Alberta and I’m 15 years old. I will graduate from Rock Solid Refuge at the end of June. My life began like a pebble on the bottom of a raging river. My Father was severely abusive to all of us and threatened to kill us. When I was two years old,…

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