Success Stories

Graduate Success Stories remind us of the power of change through passionate focus

Rock Solid Refuge is an intensive rehabilitation program often leaving our students feeling stronger than they have in years. Character development, decency, and understanding are gained in abundance, and it shows!

Tyson in Costa Rica

Tyson, a former student of Rock Solid Refuge, is currently a missionary down in Costa Rica…

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Get to Know Us – Luke

I was 16 when I started purposely surrounding myself with people who used substances so it would be easier to get booze and weed…

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One Year Later

My first year after graduating from Rock Solid didn’t go the way I thought it would…

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Fraser & Josh’s Journeys

This summer saw the graduation of two students from the Rock Solid Refuge program: Fraser and Josh…

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Josh’s Testimony

The next student to Graduate from the Rock Solid Refuge program is Josh. Josh is on track to graduate near…

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Finding My Way

As I grew older, I started to drift away from a Christian lifestyle…

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A Parent’s Perspective

We knew we were in trouble after Joseph was kicked out of the second high school and was threatening to hurt his sibling…

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Facing My Issues

The spiral continued by experimenting with other drugs and drinking. I could not stop…

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A Need for Change

Within a year I was taking hallucinogens, then discovered cocaine, meth and various other drugs to escape from the deep hurt…

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