Introduction to ACCESS

James Simpson, Counselling Director, gives a brief overview of the RSR level work system: ACCESS.

Video: Teen Depression and How You Can Help

It can be tough to see someone you care about struggling with depression. We have good news, though: There is hope.

David’s Testimony

David was a student in 2013. He’s returned now as a full staff member to put to work all that he learned from his time here and at other recovery centres, to be for these students the support that past staff were for him.

Video: Five Tips for turning Crisis into Opportunity

We want to help you and your family through this difficult time. How do you encourage and challenge your teen in your everyday life?

Shayden’s Testimony

A former student, Shayden, now a staff intern, shares his story of struggle and the rocky road that God has led him down and how he has been shaped and molded by the experience.

Family Camp Clip

A short excerpt from RSR’s annual family camp. Dr. Redwine discusses the fundamental need of our families.

Colten’s Story

Colten, a former student, talks about the change that he has experienced at Rock Solid Refuge and his renewed hope for a good future.

Ty’s Testimony

Ty Thibault, former student and current professional body builder, shares some of his past struggles and his appreciation of the program.

James’ Story

James is a lead Youth Care Worker. In this excerpt from our 10 Years in the Making video, James shares his heart for the students of Rock Solid Refuge.