Church Speaking/Presentations

As part of a young man’s journey, we want to partner with the local church. By allowing adolescents to share publicly, you are helping them reduce their shame and hiding. Your church can help young men by considering these opportunities:

Half service - RSR students & staff share testimonies, introduction and highlights how God is working in their lives

Full service
– RSR students & staff provide a God honouring time of testimonies, introduction and highlights with a message from God’s Word

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Seminars & Workshops

When you invite Rock Solid Refuge to give a seminar at your event, the seminar may be tailored to best suit your needs and audience, but the core of the message will remain unchanged.

Each pull-down menu contains a link to a PDF of several slides from the seminar's PowerPoint.


Parenting Todays Teen

This seminar explores the challenges and blessings of raising up teenagers in the modern time. Applicable to parents, grandparents, and even youth pastors and laypeople with a passion for youth.

Led by Dallas Block

Topics in this seminar

  • Normal teenage problems
  • The Conflict Cycle
  • The art of simple questions
  • Boundaries and Limits
  • Allowing teens to take control
  • Responsibility, Discipline, and Authority
  • Influence Triangle
  • etc.

Access: Pornography

This seminar discusses the breadth of harm caused by pornography while also equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools to address this issue both in their own life and in the lives of those they care about.

Led by James Simpson, Counseling Director

Topics in this seminar

  • Dispelling myths
  • Revealing truths
  • Sex trafficking and pornography
  • Finding hope
  • Overcoming pornography addiction
  • etc.
access pornography

Depression, Suicide, & Self-Harm

Depression, Suicide and Self-Harm have become commonplace in teen culture. Learn how to help the teens in your life navigate these dark days.

Led by Dallas Block

Topics in this seminar

  • 5 Minute Therapy
  • Intervention
  • Signs of depression
  • Types of self-harm
  • Dangers and value of medication
  • etc.

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