YQ Pornography seminar

The handout for the pornography seminar. Hyperlinks included to make finding the resources easier.

Looking for a resources to help you, a loved one, or one of your youth overcome pornography? Just looking for a little more information? Download ACCESS: Pornography Track.

Anger Management for Teens

It is important to recognize that anger in itself is not a bad emotion. It is a normal human response to feel anger when we disagree with the way someone else is acting, or if our boundaries have been crossed.

Oppositonal Defiance Disorder

Some oppositional behavior during adolescence is normal and expected. But there is a difference between an occasionally rebellious child or teen and one who has a consistent drive to defy authority.

From Family Camp to the Family Home

Understanding is essential in building relationships; this is why these things are critical at Family Camp and in our day-to-day lives with teenagers.

Teen Substance Abuse

teen substance abuse One of the things that can scare a parent more than anything else is when they suspect that their son or daughter may be using or abusing drugs. Parents usually have high hopes for their children and desire what is best for them. A problem like teen substance abuse could jeopardize your…

Runaway Teens

helping runaway teens How Do You Deal With a Teenager Running Away? Having a teenage runaway is many parents’ worst nightmare. Worries about why this happened, what might happen to them while they’re gone, and how to handle the issue when they come home are enough to drive a parent insane. Running away is one…

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Only with intentional, long-term treatment can RAD truly be overcome. Studies have shown that this treatment is typically most successful during two times in a child’s life—early adolescence and in their thirties.

Teens with Bipolar Disorder

If you know that your child is struggling with bipolar disorder, make a conscious effort to separate yourself from the thoughts or judgments of others while seeking out positive supports.

Teens with Attention Disorders

There are many ways to combat attention deficit disorder—both medically and in your home.

Working with Disrespectful Teens

Has your once sweet and obedient child turned into a door-slamming, yelling, cursing, and disrespectful teenager?

Eating Disorders

It is not your fault that your child is struggling with an eating disorder, but it is your responsibility to help them work through it.