Newsletter: Autumn 2021

Dallas' Greeting

I am writing this feeling overwhelmed by God’s goodness for all we have experienced through the summer and particularly, Family Camp. When you hear parents tell of the anxiety and stress that had become so normal in their homes and the anxiousness of even coming to Family Camp. Not knowing how they could begin to heal personally and relationally with their son. It breaks your heart. The amazing way we were able to witness God bringing families together was truly inspiring. Praise God!!!

The parents arrived Wednesday in time for supper and spent the evening playing games and connecting with their son (Cross Net was a real hit!). Thursday through Saturday mornings were spent with the parents participating in training sessions, relationship building in the afternoons, and then chapel, followed by games and campfires in the evenings. Family Camp concluded Sunday with a church service together. The message came from Micah 7:1-10, with a reality check into the deep struggle of family that has been common throughout human history. The gospel provides hope, as God by His grace, gives us forgiveness, redemption and hope for today, tomorrow and all eternity. Christ brought the victory through His life, death, and resurrection.

Particular highlights from Family Camp included: Parents who didn’t consider themselves ‘athletic’ playing games with their son to build relationship. A student going for a horse ride with his mom because it was important to her, even though he would have rather not. Sitting with families talking through challenges, taking real steps toward an open and honest relationship that they really need to have. Late nights around the fire, laughing, telling stories, enjoying time together in a way that just hasn’t been a reality for these families. Saturday’s hearty fish fry around the fire with fish caught by our guys (mostly up at Dore Lake). Me taking a soccer ball in the face from a mom while I was making the save... felt like a kick to the face.

Sunday afternoon we ended the weekend with Tim’s graduation ceremony. His transformation has been a gift from God. Pray for Tim as he starts the school year at a Christian high school. His mom is thankful for all that has been put into her son. You have been so much a part of that too. Thank you!

We also shared a few projects we’d hoped to have completed this summer. The concrete and pad are ready for the barn and duplex to be brought onsite. The movers are booked and they should be here before the end of September. Your partnership has helped make that possible.

Thank you for your faithful commitment to pray and support youth and their families as they rebuild relationships and grow together.
God bless!
Dallas Block

We hope that this content has been informative and helpful. It is our desire to help families and bring struggling teens back together. We encourage you to share this information with others who may be in need.


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