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Financial Update January 2020

2019 has ended, 2020 is here, and we have the results of our year end campaign!

Return to Rock Solid – David’s Story

I chose to live in fantasy for many years trying to pretend I was someone else. It was at Rock Solid Refuge that I realized that God has a voice. The Community of Rock Solid was something I could never forget even after I returned to New Brunswick.

What we are grateful for

At this time of year, it’s important to stop and think about all that things that we are grateful for.

Pain, The Gospel, and Living Whole

How would you define living whole?

· Great friends?

· Well liked?

· Money?

· Fun?

· Family that loves you but leaves you alone?

· Inner peace?


How we define living whole reveals what we value. We often make “living whole” the goal we pursue without learning the backstory to why living whole is so elusive in the first place.

Paul Trip says “We do not live our lives based on bare facts of our existence; we live our lives according to our interpretation of those facts.” (Instruments in the Redeemers Hands)



Why is there Pain?

Genesis 3:1-19 Mankind sinned. They preferred to be god over trusting God. Pain is a direct result of original sin.

Pain practically happens now through the brokenness of our world. We continue to sin and use many things to protect us from pain and get what we prefer.

We all have a story of pain in our lives

Nothing happens without a reason. Even the existence of pain has a purpose:

John 16:33

2 Cor 1:8-10

Pain is God’s megaphone to a deaf world.

God shows us his faithfulness through the journey of pain in a way we wouldn’t know through easy times.


The Gospel:

1 Cor 15:1-21

2 Cor 5:14-21

Isaiah 53:1-11

The entire Bible is structured around the story of God redeeming, saving, and transforming sinners that have gone astray. As much as we long for all kinds of other things in our lives, our actual most crucial need is to be right with God. Everything else follows after that.


Living Whole:

What’s your story?

Where have you come to doubt God’s storyline?

Wholeness through Relationship with Christ

Romans 5:8

2 Cor 1:8-11

He wants us to trust him completely

Wholeness through Valuing Christ

Phil 3:7-11

Psalm 73


Wholeness in our human relationships

We love because he first loved us. 2 Cor 5:14

We comfort others with the comfort we have received. 2 Cor 1:3-7


Wholeness through perspective

James 1:2-5 Pain has purpose

“You will learn that pain will do for you what even sometimes joy cannot” A.W. Towzer


Wholeness through spiritual disciplines:

Consistent time with God – Bible reading, prayer, and reflection

Consistent time with God’s people – who is your main influence group?

Consistent acts of service – your love for God expressed to others in need.

We hope that this content has been informative and helpful. It is our desire to help families and bring struggling teens back together. We encourage you to share this information with others who may be in need.


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