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Drugs, Addiction... Freedom

Get to Know Us: Edition #2

By Student "Thomas"

When I was younger my home life was not easy. My parents had issues that needed to be worked out and this impacted me greatly. I was easily influenced by the drug culture and introduced to marijuana early. I broke into a house and stole marijuana when my friend was over. And this is how my journey into the drug world began.

In school, I was failing classes and my marks reflected an attitude of not caring. During this time, I stole from my Dad’s wallet and bought alcohol. I got drunk that night. I received a serious charge so changed high schools. I attended a school in Weyburn and my attitude didn’t improve... even though I was given a fresh start.

By grade 8, I was doing cocaine and MDMA at school. My addiction was controlling me and I never saw what it was doing to me or my family. I knew about God, yet chose not to walk with him.

Later, I went to Caronport High School with hopes that a new environment might help. I couldn’t let go of my addiction and showed up to class high. I quit Caronport and tried detox. My parents would sign detox warrants because I was in a downhill spiral. I was selling drugs, skipping curfew and I did not care. I began to use crystal meth because it was the only thing that gave me the high I wanted.

After a couple years of crystal meth use, my life was totally out of control and things started to fall apart. I ended up in jail and was faced with where my life had led me. I began to read the Bible and trying to figure out where I would go when I got out. The judge asked me to go to some type of rehab when I was released.

About a month later I came to Rock Solid Refuge. My hopes were to graduate from high school and have my court stuff under control. Most importantly I wanted to have a better and stronger relationship with my family.

I have accomplished these goals with help from my support network, my family and staff at Rock Solid Refuge. I even received my driving license the week of my graduation from Rock Solid Refuge and High School! YES!

Today God has blessed me with a support network and I’m clean and sober. I also have a loving supporting family. Without these, I know I would not have made it. After graduation from Rock Solid I plan to get my old job back working in pipeline construction.

A Bible verse that has helped me and been meaningful is from Proverbs 23:7 – “As a man thinks in his heart so he is.”

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