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Get to Know Us: Edition #8

Ron Bouthillier - Operations Manager

It’s been over half a year now since Ron and his wife Theresa became a part of the Rock Solid Refuge ministry team. Moving into a key leadership role, Ron has become our new Operations Manager and oversees the day to day work taking place at RSR. Theresa has been busy working in the RSR garden, helping out in the kitchen, and now has settled into an Education Assistant role in the classroom, helping students with their math and sciences.

Ron’s business and church leadership background has been a great fit here at RSR. He has many years experience working in the paint and coating industry managing and doing sales, representing companies from the U.S.A. and Canada. Ron has done a lot of renovation work over the years, worked in irrigation, and spent some time working for a tower company, climbing to heights of about 500 feet plus.

On turning sixty, Ron felt a nudge to get more involved in ministry. After many years in business and lay positions with the church he found out about Rock Solid Refuge and thought this would be a good fit for him and his wife. We here at RSR have been very blessed by their desire to serve whole-heartedly by not only serving in their own role but willing to step in to additional roles when needed.

Ron has a deep passion for truth and God’s word. He also believes the Bible needs to be communicated and taught accurately. When sharing with the students in chapel, he’s always sure to bring the message back to Christ and the gospel.

Ron and Theresa have four grown children and ten grandchildren. They love to spend time with their grandchildren. When not at work, Ron loves to spend time riding his motorbike and also enjoys swimming and skiing. Ron is very relational and you will not be passed up if you come out here for a visit.

Seeing how he leads and building up everyone around him is definitely an amazing gift to us here at Rock Solid Refuge.

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