Troubled Teen

Troubled teen making poor choices

Rock Solid Refuge helps Troubled Teens in Canada.

Troubled teens are a very common problem, there are so many factors which play into the development in your teens life. Every teen wants a full life which makes them happy in their own unique way, this desire to be unique and stand above their peers, parents, and educators often leads them down a path in which they take risks with their lives and health.

When there is a simple choice to be made, teens often choose the path of least resistance, which often times can be the one which allows them to fit in with the crowd they have become a part of. This act can have major repercussions to their development and opportunities in life. Choosing to take drugs and alcohol is just one of the many risky, but easy choices that takes seconds to make and can have such an effect.

We work laterally with parents, guardians, grandparents, lawyers, and youth workers to help teen boys overcome pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, and anger relate issues. Using a Christian world-view, we can effectively help teens find the freedom only God can bring, giving them back their lives.

Our program challenges your troubled teen to take responsibility for their recovery. As they mature in all areas of their lives, they are enabled to confront life's challenges with confidence. Together we can help them beat their life-controlling issues.

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