Title - The Keys
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Imagine driving down the highway late at night when you see the red, flashing lights of an ambulance on the side of the road. There’s a car in the ditch and paramedics are providing aid to a family. Someone has a broken leg and another is cut up pretty bad from the glass. You’re not sure exactly what happened, but thank goodness the paramedics were there to help.

While there’s no doubt that the ambulance is a necessity, could something have been done to avoid that incident?

Rock Solid is like that ambulance. We’re here when things have gone wrong. Things no one wanted or expected. Could something be done to help teens before they become an emergency?

All across Canada, people are watching teens they care about fall into dangerous patterns, and they don’t know where to turn to for support. They don’t need the direct intervention of a program like Rock Solid Refuge, they don’t need that ambulance, but they are concerned that if they do nothing, they soon will.

Rock Solid Refuge is developing a program called “The Keys” for concerned persons of struggling teens. This program will be a multi-week, small group with a strong online component. The program will have a firm Christian foundation and focus on equipping and supporting participants in an atmosphere of encouragement and community as they fight for the struggling teens in their lives.

A project like The Keys can be expensive to produce — contributing experts, curriculum development, production, and other expenses means we need your help to make this program a reality.

If you believe that the people of your city who love struggling teens desperately need support, consider making a gift to Rock Solid Refuge today!

We surveyed parents and donors asking what they'd like to see this project become: