Programs like Rock Solid Refuge are the solution to help struggling teens

Rock Solid Refuge is a Teenage Rehabilitation Program in Canada.

Without a doubt it has been shown again and again, entering into a long-term program which has your teens best interest in mind can be the single greatest thing you can do as a parent or guardian to get your teen back on track in life.

Removing your teens from their circle of peers and influence to give them a chance to face themselves, build character, and have faith in themselves; the student's purpose is what our program is all about.

We have many success stories to share with you inside our website, and are happy to talk with you one on one, or your teen, in why our program can be the light in the darkness.

We work laterally with parents, guardians, grandparents, lawyers, and youth workers to help teen boys overcome pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, and anger relate issues. Using a Christian world-view, we can effectively help teens find the freedom only God can bring, giving them back their lives.

Our program challenges teens to take responsibility for their recovery. As they mature in all areas of their lives, they are enabled to confront life's challenges with confidence. Together we can help them beat their life-controlling issues.

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