My name is Ralph. I was kicked out of school in grade five due to bad behavior and authority issues. I wanted to live life my own way, and it hurt everyone around me, especially my parents. I got to the point that it made me feel good to hurt others.

One month before my 16th birthday, my parents sent me to Rock Solid. After almost a full year, I signed myself out of the program. While I was back home, I fell into old patterns again. Eventually God got me to a place where I knew I needed to change. So I called Rock Solid and asked them to take me back.

A month or two into the program I confessed some difficult things to James Simpson, the counselor. He was really, really willing to help me. I can’t express how happy I am that there is hope for me and others - that God’s grace is always there to bring us back to Him.

I have been accepted as an intern at Rock Solid. My hope is to be able to help other guys who also struggle. I want others to see there is hope and better ways to live life.


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