A Way Home For Prodigals

It’s always incredible to hear from our graduates and how you’ve made a difference in their lives. I wanted to share this letter from one such graduate, David, with you.

“When I was only sixteen years old, my family shipped me halfway across Canada to Rock Solid Refuge. Finding yourself on the doorstep of Rock Solid usually means that something in life has gone horribly, horribly wrong. That was an understatement in my case.

I was out of control and the toll of substance abuse was mounting daily. I was a mix of frustration, distrust, and confusion – it was hard to be anything else. It’s funny now to think, but I used to believe I had all the answers.

Turned out, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

For the first few months, my mind was consumed by thoughts of my next fix and when I could escape the center.

It is amazing how, even in our stubbornness, God can work wonders.

He worked through my mentor and families from Shaunavon. During my time at Rock Solid, I found a deep connection with faith and even felt the Holy Spirit during worship. I valued many aspects of the program, but particularly appreciated the faith and discipleship portions.

This led me to a newfound desire to help others and pursue a career in recovery. Fast forward seven years, and I returned to Rock Solid, not as a troubled teen, but as a staff member.

During my time at Rock Solid, I often spoke about my dream of helping people break free from addiction. I will always remember January 12, 2023 – the day I messaged Dallas to express my gratitude for his unwavering belief in me and to share the news that I had become a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor in Canada!”

This is the impact your gift has in young lives! Because of you, young men like David continue to turn their lives around. Your gift doesn’t stop at Rock Solid, it impacts the rest of their lives. It impacts eternity.

“I’ve personally witnessed numerous success stories that have unfolded through Rock Solid Refuge – teens who now have hope for their futures.

Though every student’s outcome is different, there are limitless possibilities for what the young people you support could accomplish. God not only healed my family but put us in a position to support others facing similar battles. I now oversee recovery care, mental health services, and the personal development program at 12 Neighbours Community in Fredericton.

When you partner with an organization like Rock Solid Refuge, your contribution goes beyond just one person’s future – it also impacts the students’ families and the staff (who’ve left a lasting impact on me).”

For many of the teens coming to Rock Solid Refuge, the road to restored relationships seems impossible. You can help bring prodigals back to their families and that is cause for celebration! Your gift today will provide teens with a way home.

Thank you for partnering in the vital mission of bringing prodigals home,

Dallas Block
Executive Director
P.S. You can help more prodigals come home by making a gift today!