planned giving

Based on your current plan, who will benefit from your assets? Family? Charity? Revenue Canada?

Many Canadians don’t realize how much of their estate will end up with Revenue Canada if they don’t have an intentional plan.

If you could divert money from Revenue Canada to your favourite charity—maybe Rock Solid Refuge —without negatively impacting your children, would you?


What if you had one more child in your family - would that child also be included in your estate? Why not consider a lasting legacy  to both your heirs and to the charities dear to their hearts. Whether your estate is big or small, there are only three places you can direct your assets at the time of death:

1) Taxes and fees

2) Charities you care about

3) Loved ones

Whether or not you have children, adding a child called "Charity" as a beneficiary to your estate redirects money to charities of your choice that would otherwise go to taxes. For those who have a lifetime pattern of giving, it is natural to include charity in your estate plan.

Talk to your lawyer or financial planner about setting up Rock Solid Refuge as a beneficiary of your estate.


Child Called Charity

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