Rock Solid Refuge and the Church

An excerpt from a recent chapel session on Philippians 2 led by Dallas Block


I found it interesting: this one pastor said “Did you start Rock Solid because you’re upset with the church?” You know, it could have been “Churches just don’t help young people.” “The church doesn’t care like it should.” Sometimes organizations start like that. Probably not the best motivation.

But, no, I love the church. I said: “I see us as serving the church. We don’t tell the church to serve us, we are serving the church. We are doing, a specific location, just one location for now – hopefully God gives us the opportunity to open more places – we are doing in a specific location what no local church can do on their own.” We’re doing it at a distance.

So when churches partner with us, it’s really that partnership that we feel: we’re like Epaphroditus (Philippian 2:25-30). He went from [the Philippian Church] to do what that church couldn’t do from a distance. He became a representative. And, in some senses, that’s what we are. We are a part of the universal church, and we are doing from this location what no local church really can do on their own. We feel a great joy being able to serve God’s people, the church, and communities and families in that way. To do what no church can do on their own, to represent Christ that way.


It’s what missionaries do as well. They go from their local church. They go to another setting to serve God, Christ, the gospel.