Newsletter: Christmas 2022

The Gift of Gratitude

People often strive to be grateful, but at times fall short. When we stop to consider everything involved in our relationship with Jesus, being thankful is the perfect way to celebrate His birth! So how do we apply gratitude to the Christmas season?

In a recent article in Turning Points Magazine, David Jeremiah writes:

“Thankfulness is a learned skill and we learn best by seeing it modeled. That’s where Jesus comes in. Just as He is a perfect Guide in showing love, compassion, forgiveness, and wisdom, He’s our ultimate example of giving thanks in all things.”*

A review of scripture will show that from the beginning of His earthly ministry through to the evening of His resurrection, Jesus gave thanks to His heavenly father on many occasions. Even Jesus, during the intense grief he felt over the death of Lazarus, gave thanks to God before raising him from the dead.

From everyday mealtimes to seasons of abundance and blessings, our gratefulness and thanksgiving should always be expressed to our loving God who watches over us more closely than the birds of the air or the lilies of the fields. Developing this type of grateful spirit will make it easier to say “Thank you, Jesus” during those difficult moments in life that seem to come along so often.

As another Christmas season approaches and we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, it is an opportunity for all of us at Rock Solid Refuge to reflect on the blessings of our opportunity to serve Him.

- The awesome privilege to work with the boys who come into our ministry
- The great people we get to work with as we serve Him
- Our tremendous facilities that God has blessed us with.
- Our wonderful and generous supporters who keep us going

* Jeremiah, D. (2022, November) Thank You Jesus: The Guide of Gratitude. Turning Points Magazine.

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