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What does it mean that Hope Lives Here? For many families, home has become a difficult place. It has become a battleground. Instead of a safe place from the world, their the home feels under attack.

Your gift is giving the home back and creating a place of hope. Your gift is ensuring that an additional four young men each year can find freedom from life controlling issues.

At a time when hope seems to be lost, in the world and in their homes, families are discovering hope at Rock Solid Refuge.

Hope that relationships can be restored.

Hope that destructive patterns can be changed.

Hope things can be different.

More and more teens are falling into destructive patterns. They find hope and freedom in our program.

As more and more teens are falling into destructive patterns, the number of calls from families looking for this hope increases. The number of families receiving hope needs to grow with it.

Thank you for your support, whether you are giving one-time to help get the transition home up and running or you are becoming a recurring donor and changing many lives ongoingly, your gift is bringing hope to families from all across Canada.

Hope Lives Here Booklet

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We also wanted to say "Thank you" to all our donors by giving a copy of the 24 page, full colour, Hope Lives Here booklet to anyone who gives a gift of any amount.
This booklet is full of student testimonies, information on the level system our students work through, our new equine therapy program, and so much more!
Thank you for your support!

Thank you to our Hope Lives HEre Corporate Sponsors:

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