Boot Camp

Boot camp or discipleship program?

Rock Solid Refuge is a program for teen boys struggling with life-controlling issues. This could mean substance abuse, behavioural problems, or anything in between. Parents often ask, “Are you a boot camp or discipleship program?”

Rock Solid Refuge is a distinctly Christian discipleship program. We believe that God can turn lives around and that teens often need support and guidance more than they need an adult to yell at them. Lasting change happens when caring relationships are the context for rules and structures given to teens. This is the greatest difference between a boot camp and a discipleship program.

We believe that a restored relationship with God is the best ways to begin restoring relationships here on earth, though faith is not a prerequisite for taking part in the program or for graduating from the program. (Completing faith-based material and attending church and chapel services, however, is mandatory.)

Our approach

We strive to create a normal, structured environment where the students in our program go to school, gain life skills, and learn to be productive members of society. Skilled staff members mentor the students in the program and live alongside them, day-to-day.

This holistic approach to recovery and growth offered by Rock Solid Refuge helps create long-term change in a young person’s life. We give them the tools necessary to create a lifelong pursuit of excellence and a trajectory of growth.

We equip our students with coping skills to better manage behaviour. The program naturally moves the students from co-regulation to self-regulation as they mature and develop self-control and interpersonal skills.

We work with parents, guardians, grandparents, lawyers, and youth workers to help teen boys overcome pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, and anger-related issues. Using a Christian worldview, we can effectively help teens find the freedom only God can bring, giving them back their lives.

Our program challenges teens to take responsibility for their recovery. As they mature in all areas of their lives, they learn to confidently confront life's challenges. Together we can help them beat their life-controlling issues.

Final thoughts

When your child struggles with life-controlling issues, it can be hard to discern whether a boot camp or discipleship program is appropriate for them. One of the biggest distinctions we try to make with parents is that we exist to help their sons, not to punish them. As you consider programs like Rock Solid Refuge for your child, ensure your heart is in the right place. Make sure that you are approaching this decision from a place of love and care, and are not seeking services to punish your child's behaviour.

We hope that this content has been informative and helpful. It is our desire to help families and bring struggling teens back together. We encourage you to share this information with others who may be in need.

Our ministry is primarily funded by our supporters, both individuals and churches, who partner with us to bring about restoration in these young men's lives. To join them in supporting Rock Solid Refuge and our ongoing ministry, please click here to donate!

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