It was a tremendous honour to be asked to lead a one-hour break out session for the 2019 Youth Quake event held annually at Briercrest Bible college; this is the second year we have lead sessions at Youth Quake. Dallas and I lead a session on Teenage Depression, Cutting and Suicide.

One fact that makes this topic so important is this statistic: “Suicide is now the third leading cause of death for highschool students. While suicide rates for all other ages have dropped, suicides among teens have nearly tripled.

These are just a few of the life controlling issues that we are familiar with and that we help young people overcome. Sadly, even as these are issues which many youth struggle with, these are also issues that many adults, and even teens who struggle with these issues, have little understanding of.
The main focus of the session was to provide practical insights and real solutions for parents, youth workers and for teens that either may be struggling with one of these issues themselves or may know someone who is.

The session was an hour long and was attended by 130 persons in a room with seating for only 70. We had a good mix of teens 13-18, parents and youth leaders. Besides the handouts that we used during the session we created a resource page on our Rock Solid Refuge web site to provide additional resources for anyone that may need the help.

After the session, Dallas spoke to a young man who had a friend he knew whom was cutting. It was amazing to see his sincere concern for his friend as he asked what he should do.At the end of the conversation we prayed for him and his friend. I am confident that he will talk with his parents, and youth pastor, to find ways to reach out to his friend outside of school and help him on his journey.

You can visit our resource page which speaks about this and other topics at

Steve Frew, Counseling Director