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Previous Articles

Financial Update January 2020

2019 has ended, 2020 is here, and we have the results of our year end campaign!

Return to Rock Solid – David’s Story

I chose to live in fantasy for many years trying to pretend I was someone else. It was at Rock Solid Refuge that I realized that God has a voice. The Community of Rock Solid was something I could never forget even after I returned to New Brunswick.

What we are grateful for

At this time of year, it’s important to stop and think about all that things that we are grateful for.

Winter Finances - 2019

Last updated December 13, 2019

As you may know, 2019 was a difficult year financially for Rock Solid Refuge. Even though we have less resources, the demand for what we are doing only continues to grow. As we consider what the future holds we are asking you, our supporter, to not simply help us achieve a stable financial foothold, but to put us on track to expand our influence and reach more students and families than ever before!

We are looking to raise another $225,000 by January 1st to help us meet out $550,000 goal mentioned in our Autumn Quarterly. Every donation made today is an investment in a better future. A better future not just for our students and their parents, but for our students’ grandchildren. Ending the pattern of destruction now creates a chain of positivity that affects generations. By God’s grace, that’s the power of what you can do.

Donate today to change lives forever.



Thank you for making a difference!