We focus on Faith & Discipleship, Mentorship, Education, and Life Skills.

Rock Solid Refuge is a 12-month, biblically-based, residential program for 13-18-year old male adolescents with life-controlling issues such as substance abuse, pornography, and challenging behaviours.

Faith & Discipleship

Teaching God’s love, forgiveness, and restoration through repentance and reliance on Him.

We are committed to teaching our students the Bible, guiding them to a personal relationship with God, and discipling them in their faith in Him. This is accomplished through counselling, chapel, devotionals, local church involvement, and Christian studies assignments.



Developing integrity, perseverance, and selflessness as the foundation for maturity and success.

We incorporate spiritual lessons into daily activities and discussions, teaching students to make positive choices and equipping them for life after graduation from Rock Solid Refuge. Each student is assigned a staff mentor who meets with him regularly to encourage and advise him, building a relationship through activities, devotions, and conversations.


Providing a fully-accredited supportive learning environment to restore confidence and help achieve academic potential.

Rock Solid Refuge is a Qualified Independent School, as outlined in subsection 38.2 (1) of The Independent Schools Regulations, teaching the required curriculum from a Christian worldview, under the supervision of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. Schooling has been a casualty of many of our students’ lifestyles. Our goal is to re-engage them, repair education gaps, and help them achieve their academic potential through ongoing assessment, one-on-one tutoring, and classroom activities.


Life Skills

Equipping with employability skills and work ethic, contributing to success in family and community.

Students are assigned daily chores and basic maintenance of the Rock Solid residence and property, working alongside our staff. Community service and daily work projects introduce them to carpentry, maintenance, lawn and garden care, livestock care, and farming. These assignments help develop responsibility, work ethic, communication, leadership, time-management, and critical thinking.

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