Our team is committed to seeing change in young peoples lives.


Dallas Block

Executive Director

Steven D. Frew

Professional Development Director

Micah Downing

Student Life Director

Dustin Davidson

Administrative Director

Tyler Dueck

Education Director

James Simpson

Counselling Director

Youth Care Workers

Led by our Student Life Director, Micah Downing, our Youth Care workers are trained in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and are the front line of change in the lives of the students. Youth Care Workers spend the most time of any staff members with the students, living with them and teaching through mentoring, role-modelling, demonstrating life skills and overseeing daily function.

Chris Stregger

Lead Youth Care Worker

Spencer Bradley

Youth Care Worker

Andrew Robertson

Youth Care Worker

Brad Block

Lead Youth Care Worker

Jason Gerbrand

Youth Care Worker

Daniel Hystad

Youth Care Worker

Administration & Development

Day to day life would be impossible without the people responsible for making sure bills are paid, phones are answered, and the food is plentiful. Doing their work around the students, the administration team are also role-models to the students exemplifying what it looks like to live a life of service and love to those around them.

Our Development team is dedicated to spreading the gospel and the work of Rock Solid through our fundraising and presentations. We are passionate about the mission and purpose of the program and work hard to see Rock Solid grow and benefit more teens and families.

Jenn Batdorf

Head Cook

Karl Engen

Head of Maintenance

Jenny Braithwaite

Administration Assistant

Paul Dean

Media Tech

Julie Simpson