Student Profiles


henry  I’m in grade 9 and my favourite subject is science. I enjoy fishing, mechanics/tinkering, music, skateboarding, being outside, exploring, spending time with family and friends. I like to understand how things work which means taking them apart; this can mean trouble when the owner doesn’t want it in pieces.

I came to Rock Solid because my destructive behaviors had me on a collision course with the legal justice system, carrying life-long, damaging repercussions if things didn’t change.

Samuel Samuel

I’m in grade 8, and my favourite subject is history. I like biking, skateboarding, reading, playing trumpet, and helping at Bible camp. People say I’m a gifted leader.

I came to Rock Solid because my actions were hurting me and all of my family. I tried other options before Rock Solid, but I always got into the wrong crowds. I was on a downward spiral.

My hope in being here is that I will learn to make the right choices.


quauin I’m in grade 9; my favourite subject is band and any music class offered. I enjoy HAM radio, football, and playing music.

I’ve always been spirited, and anger has always been my theme, to the point my mom could no longer manage me. I’ve been in several programs but was kicked out of most because of my anger and my unwillingness to try.

At Rock Solid, I’m learning how to control my anger and manage my emotions.


I’m in grade 10, and my favourite subject is math. I am artistic, and I enjoy playing basketball.

At age 13, I got into drugs, and within a year and a half I was practically addicted. I became a completely different person, and it broke my parents’ hearts.

That’s what brought me to Rock Solid Refuge. Now, by the grace of God, my parents and I.

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