Tammy's Story

Two years ago, James made a decision that would put our entire family on an incredibly painful journey. We didn't know where to get the help he so desperately needed. In our desperation, we called Social Services, begging them to place him in foster care, but the only resource they offered us was to drop him off at the homeless youth shelter in downtown Calgary. Knowing that was not an option, we prayed God would provide a positive solution, as we were at the end of our parenting resources.  That's when we heard about Rock Solid Refuge.


Rock Solid Refuge was the best place we could imagine sending James.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to pay the full tuition required for him to go to a program like this. We were so thankful to know that God would provide the rest of funds through generous donations from churches, and supporters.


Since going to Rock Solid Refuge, James has taken full responsibility for his damaging choices as he's been mentored and challenged by the directors, teachers, youth care workers, and office staff. Without the amazing program Rock Solid Refuge provides, it's unimaginable where James may have ended up.


Rock Solid Refuge has been supportive and encouraging of our family as we worked to rebuild trust and a relationship with James.


I know our story isn't unique, and there are hurting boys and hurting families that need the ministry that Rock Solid Refuge provides. With financial support, Rock Solid Refuge can continue their tremendously vital ministry, so boys in trouble won't end up on the streets, but in a loving, safe environment where they can learn how much God loves them and change their lives for the better.