Logan's Story

In the beginning, my family was very blessed. I had a believing mother who regularly took my brother and me to Church and Sunday School. It wasn’t till I was 10 years old that I first experienced true pain. I learned our father had been having an affair and was leaving our family. This broke me. I remember going outside and weeping. Everything had come undone.

By 16, I had become completely despondent. I had watched my mother’s health deteriorate till she almost died twice in 5 years. A sense of abandonment by God permeated by whole being. I tried to fill my deep emptiness with a plethora of drugs that failed to satisfy.

Doing drugs one night in 2007, I had a bad trip. Like any panicked person, I called on Jesus, ‘Lord, I turned my back on you, and I deserve hell. Please deliver me.’

My dad came from Swift Current to Calgary to get me that night. As he drove, he made a call that began my application process to Teen Challenge (TC). When he brought me home, my mother broke down and cried. This was the first time I felt a deep sorrow for how I’d treated her.

Teen Challenge was one of the most incredible years of my life and one of the most difficult. My third day, one of the staff prayed with me, and I committed my life to Christ. I read Oswald Chambers’, My Utmost for His Highest. I was blown away as I began to learn the depths of God’s love for humanity, His creation. The weight of abandonment and rejection, which I had carried since childhood, lifted; and I came to know the freedom and joy that comes only from God.

After Teen Challenge, God led me to do an internship at Rock Solid Refuge. It was intense, as anyone from those first years would say. Yet, He poured out His grace.

Now I have a wife and three wonderful children and a degree from Millar College of the Bible.