School Program

School Program

Our goal at Rock Solid Refuge, is to equip each student with the tools he needs to reach his full potential in all aspects of development.

Level System

The Level System

The Level System represents the amount of trust and responsibility given to students at Rock Solid Refuge



Students are challenged in relationships as they interact daily with staff and their peers. Activities are a key part of the Rock Solid Refuge program.

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School Program  The School Program

School Program

The school program is structured around the following core ideas:


Christian Worldview

Ours is a society of competing worldviews and increasing secularism. Rock Solid Refuge School teaches provincial curriculum from a Christian worldview, teaching our students to ask good questions and seek truth. We help them develop critical thinking, discernment, and a willingness to consider differing views.

Ministry Integration

Rock Solid Refuge School is a part of a larger ministry. The school program is designed to meet the overarching goals of the ministry, and the school staff are a part of the greater ministry team. School staff spend a great deal of time with the students and can provide insight as to their personal growth and challenges, while other ministry staff can provide invaluable support and guidance to school staff. Therefore, it is important that school staff interact and communicate regularly with the rest of the ministry team through staff meetings. School staff are involved in key Rock Solid events and, when possible, other non-classroom aspects of the program.

Education as Recovery

Where possible, courses are specifically geared to our unique student body -- adolescents with life-controlling issues. Students are required to complete Health & Wellness, covering issues including substance abuse, relationships, and mental and emotional health. They must also complete Arts Education, focusing on themes of hope and redemption through various art forms. English literature choices center on themes of overcoming struggles. Other courses provide opportunities to explore similar themes.

Support for Independence

Many of our students have learning and behavioural challenges that have kept them from learning and functioning effectively in the classroom. Our small class size provides the structure and support they need to become more independent learners, with a minimum of modifications for working at grade level. We help students developer greater self-control, and teach them a variety of strategies; so they can focus and function with reasonable, respectful behaviour. We individually work with and access each student's progress towards this end.

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Level System  The Level System

The Level System

The level system is an important guide at Rock Solid Refuge as advancement through the levels is determined by behaviour, amount of disciplines, and staff approval. For each level there are specific restrictions, privileges, work, and requirements to complete before moving on. Some privileges are not specific to any level but are awarded for exceptional behaviour.

Level One

A New Chance

Level Two
Taking Ownership

Level Three


Level Four

A New Creation

Level Five


Level Six

Servant Leadership

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Activities  Activities


Our goal is to nurture students who make positive decisions, not from mandatory compliance, but from genuine concern for themselves and other.

Physical Education

As a regular part of the daily schedule, students participate in a variety of sports (e.g., baseball, volleyball, hockey, softball, swimming, etc.) including exercises and practice drills. Rock Solid Refuge gives school credits to participation in Physical Education.


A Rock Solid Refuge core value, we define stewardship as "faithfully managing God's resources." Through daily chores, our students learn the importance of caring for personal property as well as Rock Solid Refuge property.  Students are responsible for keeping their personal areas neat. They learn to take pride in hard work as they and the staff faithfully preserve our facility, to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Weekly Church Services

Rock Solid Refuge students attend church and youth group regularly.

Weekly Chapel

Every week, students and staff join together for chapel. This is a special time of growing as a family, sharing victories, and helping bear one another's burdens in prayer.

Special Outings

At Rock Solid Refuge, we want our students to understand they can live a life that honours God and still have fun. Rock Solid Refuge staff go above and beyond to create "wow" experiences for our students -- fun is allowed! Our students attend youth retreats, Christian concerts, sports events, and camps throughout the year.


There are many opportunities for recreation at Rock Solid. Students enjoy indoor activities such as ping pong, pool, and board games in the student lounge. They go swimming and fishing in the summer and attend intramural sports at a nearby college throughout the school year. Rock Solid staff get creative in planning special on-site events such as baseball, staff vs. students hockey, team-building activities, and the annual Christmas party.


Personal Devotions

Every evening before "lights out", students take 30 minutes of quite time for reading scripture, reflection, and prayer.