The theme for the weekend was “Sent By God” based on John 20:21 “….As the Father has sent me, I am sending you”. The speakers for the weekend emphasized the ways and places we are sent to by God, but more than that, it was emphasized that a part of our identity as Christians is that we ARE witnesses. We must view ourselves as people called to give testimony to God’s grace and goodness in saving us, and His power to save anyone. We are blessed with the opportunity to live that out at Rock Solid Refuge every day.

There were a few things that made the time at Missionfest valuable to my wife Marla and me. Even though it was our first time at the event, we connected with quite a few people that we knew through church visits in southern Manitoba, or people that were connected to students that have been in the program.

A highlight was visiting with the parents of a young man who was our very first graduate of our one year program back in 2011. His mom said to Marla that she is still convinced that her son would not be alive today if he had not come to Rock Solid Refuge. Praise God for all the opportunity to be of service to these families in need.

We also had the privilege of introducing many people to the work and ministry of Rock Solid Refuge for the first time. Many stopped and talked, intrigued by this ministry that was doing what no one else in Canada is doing.

It was a great opportunity to advertise the availability of our ministry to those in need. Many took brochures to sponsor our students, and the ability to advertise our need for staff to about a thousand attendees was incredibly valuable. Marla and I returned home truly blessed by the time we spent there.