Will you help feed hungry students?

Teens are hungry... Rebuilding healthy bodies and minds means starting with the basic building blocks of a healthy life: healthy food.

Your gift provides these young men with good food and a healthy community. This is the start of recovery. New surroundings and new habits. Thank you for your support!


‘I think there’s a lot of value for the students to learn how to cook and bake, not just for themselves, but also for others. Being able to follow instructions and see the end result of what they can accomplish makes such a positive impact in their lives. Being able to see others enjoy what they worked hard to create also brings a sense of value and self-confidence.’
- Rachel, RSR chef


‘My first two weeks at Rock Solid were some of the hardest experiences of my life as I detoxed. I tried to get out of the program, ran away many times, and at the lowest point, I tried taking my own life. The staff and students actually cared about me. Rock Solid began to feel like home. I started to think of them like a family. I came to Rock Solid at 110lbs and have now gained 75lbs of healthy weight. Most importantly, I found God.’
- Ethan, 2022 graduate