House Model

Growing Our Ability to Help

Rock Solid Refuge is always looking for the best ways to help more and more families in Canada.

…speaking at churches, conventions, or through our website,

…meeting with families, youth, or youth workers,

…sharing about God, life, and struggles

…through our actions, our words, our lives

But our primary point of ministry is here on site. At the Rock Solid Refuge centre, with the students currently learning and growing with our incredible staff.

The question then becomes: how to we grow this aspect of our ministry? How do we serve more families, more struggling adolescents?


What is the house model?

We believe that God is leading us to pursue a “House Model” system. Instead of expanding the Rock Solid Refuge main building, a project that would cost well over a million dollars to complete, we are looking to move houses on site for the students and our Youth Care Workers to live in instead of living in a dormitory-style facility.


Why the house model?

The house model is the most economical form of growth and we believe that it also best prepares the students for reintegration into home life. After all, they would have been living in a home, not a facility, during their time in the program.


How economical is this?

Our biggest expense, year-to-year, is in staffing. Training and keeping the best possible staff is important to us because we strive daily for excellence. It is our desire that the RSR staff would be able to focus on doing their best for the students without having to worry about raising their own support or wondering if they can even afford to keep working in our ministry.


But doubling the student population doesn’t mean doubling the staffing expense! Adding a couple more Youth Care Workers, a teacher, and perhaps another counsellor is all that would be needed for this transition! All the administration is in place, the only increased staffing expense is found in the daily work directly with the students.


How can I help?

While economical, the house model is not cheap. The one-time expense of either building or moving a new home on site is significant, but it is just that: a “one-time expense”. Once here and hooked up, the ongoing cost of the house itself isn’t astronomical.

A few years ago, the Bergen Missionary Church got together and made a plan. They spearheaded a project with other local churches to build a home to be moved on site for our Executive Director. This was incredibly generous, and we still give thanks to God for this building which is used not only as a staff home but also as an overflow hospitality area for large volunteer groups who come on site and inviting over students for dinners, mentoring, or for watching major sporting events.

What an incredible blessing that home is! What an extraordinary and eternal investment in the lives of young people!

If you are interested in walking forward a similar project with your church or community group, give us a call at 306-294-8876

Of course, hiring more staff means the need for an increase in ongoing support as well. Even if you are unable to build a house, you can partner with us through ongoing donations in our Partner for Change program. Already a Partner for Change? Consider adding a second student to your monthly gift or sharing the message of Rock Solid Refuge’s work in your church an community. Help us as we work with Canada’s struggling teens and build a better future today.