Harvest for Hope raises tens of thousands of dollars, annually, for Rock Solid Refuge

A group of farmers choose a piece of land (80+ acres) and share the cost and efforts of growing and harvesting a crop.

Farm suppliers donate product and get valuable roadside advertising. Proceeds from the sale of the crop go to Rock Solid Refuge.

I have a soft spot in my heart for kids. Especially kids in a rough spot. So, for me, I almost feel like I'm cheating. I get to do the thing that I love, farming, and still help out in a meaningful way. I get to use my machines and knowledge for God. We've all got different gifts, and this is mine.

- Harvest for Hope, 2019

Anyone with an interest in outreach or missions can start a Harvest for Hope project by sharing this opportunity with others.

Getting Started

Rock Solid Refuge is happy to meet with you and your group, in person or by phone, to assist you in forming a project. We offer posters and brochures and general coaching on how this crop fundraiser has worked elsewhere.

Learn more by calling 306-297-3663 or e-mailing info@rocksoildrefuge.com Make sure to mention that you want to put on a Harvest for Hope Fundraiser!