Students come to Rock Solid Refuge for a whole year. Their parents come for one week.

Once a year, for five days, Rock Solid Refuge’s Family Camp brings together students and their families. This is a critical time for us. Through guest speakers, purposeful activity time, and nightly chapels parents are directly challenged to very intentionally pursue their sons with the direct input and encouragement of staff.

The students, as well, are challenged to put aside their reflexive defensiveness and examine with their parents the tough issues and questions that need to be resolved before much serious thought can be given to reintegrating into the home.

No one person’s experience of Family Camp is identical, but every single person, student, parent, or staff, is impacted.

For some students, it’s a wakeup call for what thoughts or predispositions they haven’t been addressing. Others are surprised at their ability to talk candidly, but with sensitivity, to their parents.

For some parents, they realize how their body language changes around the son that wounded them so deeply. Other parents find their hearts put at ease by their son’s change or the additional tools they learn at camp and the realization that there are other parents struggling with the exact same issues.

Your gift provides a neutral place, Camp Elim on Lac Pelletier, for the parents and students to grow together without a “home field advantage”. Your gift provides a guest speaker to teach the parents and activities to keep the small children occupied during the sessions to allow the parents to focus on growth.

Will you make a generous gift today to help heal these hurting families who desperately need to hear a message of hope and love?