Education with Excellence

Skipping school is usually the first sign an adolescent is experiencing life challenges. Educational progress often stops when teen struggles are left up to the school system to address. By the time young men come through the doors at Rock Solid Refuge they have usually missed significant amounts of school, experienced considerable levels of failure and have developed increased anxiety around their education.

One of our top priorities is quality education. Class attendance is mandatory and teens have success when their attendance soars to 100%. By changing their attitude around school to have a more positive focus, they are better prepared to engage in higher education and experience success for a brighter future.

Unfortunately, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has cut our education funding. This decision leaves a substantial deficit in our budget. It also creates a significant challenge to continue offering a high level of education to our unique student body.

Your monthly gifts will allow us to continue providing one on one care to each adolescent and hire another certified Teacher. Would you pray for God to meet this need generously and consider sharing the need with others you know? Will you help keep students in the classroom with your monthly gift? YOUR partnership provides a brighter future for youth at Rock Solid!