Dan's Story

A wise person once said, “Trust is like paper, once it is crumpled it can’t be made perfect again.”

That is how my life began. My birth parents gave me up for adoption when I was five years old. Those first five years have left an imprint on my life that I still struggle with today. My journey to some kind of wholeness began when I was adopted into a Christian home. They were good people who did their best to love and provide for my every need.

For some reason, I was plagued by my past, and that contributed a lot to my rocky adolescence. I was often sad and angry and would repeatedly pick fights with my parents. Not knowing what to do, yet wanting desperately to help me, they came in contact with Rock Solid Refuge. To say it was a ‘God thing’ is an understatement.


At first, my time at Rock Solid was difficult. Eventually, I came to realize that this was my life—my issues—and if I didn’t change, I would ruin the one chance I get at life.

Since coming to Rock Solid, I have recommitted my life to Christ. He is my forever Saviour and life guide. I have developed many good habits that have contributed to my success: daily Bible reading, communion with my Lord, and church attendance are three of the most important.

Today, I am employed at Rock Solid as a night watchman.

I see young teens who struggle with issues similar to what I had. Sometimes I can’t believe that was me. It is as though my journey has come full circle, and now I get to invest in them.

I realize God loves them as much as he loves me. If God could use the people at Rock Solid Refuge to help turn my life around, then maybe He can use me to help turn their lives around.