Sent to the parents of students at the end of March:


Dear Parents,

This is an update on the latest information that we have, the latest regulations, and our most up to date procedures at Rock Solid Refuge as we continue to serve you and your son through our program.

The Government of Saskatchewan has recently legislated that all public and private gatherings are to be limited to 10 people. Also, only essential services and businesses are to remain open and to do their best to provide the maximum protection for workers and those they serve. According to Saskatchewan’s list of essential services, we are in that list, therefore intend to continue to operate. As we stated in our COVID-19 document, we continue to be vigilant with all of the same precautions. Our staff and their families are continuing to keep their circles of contact as minimal as possible, and staff that are able to either stay in their offices or work from home are doing so.

The restriction of 10 people is a restriction on a gathering in any given room, and is not a limitation on the number of people in our centre. There will be more people than 10 in the centre as several of us will primarily be in our offices doing what is essential to keep the organization running. There is also a small amount of flexibility in the government’s regulations so that we can continue to offer our program effectively. We do not have worry about an extra person or two who might pass through a room, or be needed in a situation in order to deliver the quality program that we can.

In the COVID-19 document, we did state that our Monday morning meetings would be changed. We have realized that in order to provide a continued quality program, we cannot neglect to have our student progress meetings and Youth Care Worker meetings. As was stated in the document, our general staff meetings will be replaced by an email, but the other meetings will continue. These meetings are not over 10 people and are necessary for the progress of your son in our program.

We do recognize that even the adjustments that we are having to make during this time does put extra stress on our student body, so it is a high priority to deliver the best program we can without turning their “normal” here upside down any more than necessary. We welcome any questions you have, and covet your prayers through all of this.

We feel quite safe here, but that is not making us any less vigilant with our procedures to insure to the best of our abilities everyone’s health and safety.