Cornelius' story

CorneliusI’m from Alberta and I’m 15 years old. I will graduate from Rock Solid Refuge at the end of June.

My life began like a pebble on the bottom of a raging river. My Father was severely abusive to all of us and threatened to kill us. When I was two years old, he tried to take me away from my mum. He fell down the stairs and landed on me, breaking my leg. Two months later, my mum took my sister and me from him permanently and filed for divorce. She remarried five-and-a-half years later, and her husband adopted me and my sister. This was the beginning of my life.

I was always the outcast at school; the lack of friends permeated my life. The few good friends I had, moved away. The relationships with my sister and my mom were all I could depend on.

My two biggest struggles are pornography and my inability to communicate my emotions in a healthy way. Pornography started as a curiosity but soon progressed to an all-out addiction. I did everything in my power to prevent anyone from finding out, but eventually I was caught. My anger and my anxiety caused me to go into blind rages. Sometimes I would destroy gifts from my family. One time when I came out of a rage, I was fighting against my mother.

One day my negative thoughts led me to break the law. Things were out of control. My faith was shaky, and my family life was terrible; I was pulling them apart. One Sunday, the pastor asked if anyone wanted to rededicate his life to Christ. I decided to go all in in my relationship with God.

That’s what led to my coming to Rock Solid Refuge. Since being here, my math grades are in the high 90’s, up from the low 60’s. The teachers really care about our grades, helping us any way they can, restoring our confidence in our ability to accomplish school.

My life has been improved by building relationships with family and friends; by learning things like cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening, dealing with farm animals, and building fences. I definitely have friends here at Rock Solid Refuge.

My faith in God has grown immensely. I find it easier to give my anxiety, negative emotions and thoughts, and my future to Him. Merv, a staff member, has influenced my life, and I see him as a father figure. Micah, another staff, has helped me deal with lot of problems; he is a really great friend. Staff have taught me to trust in God and to deal with my negative attitude.

My emotions are more stable, my thoughts are much healthier. I am planning to go to Bible College and university for my degree in Biology. I’d appreciate prayer for continued growth.

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  1. jared dayley on January 11, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    nice man glade you made it bro