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Your gift gives hope to teens struggling with addiction, destructive habits, and other life-controlling issues.

So many of us take for granted that our teenage child will be at home at Christmas. That we will know where they are.

Imagine having to wonder. Imagine waking up Christmas morning and not being sure that your child will be there to open presents. Imagine them leaving right with their present as soon as it’s opened. Will they come home with it, or are they trading it for drugs?

It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Yet this is the reality families are facing right here in Canada.

Your gift allows teens to escape the dark places they’ve grown accustom to and learn new patterns of behaviour, coping techniques, and skills that equip them for a fulfilling life.

Faith and Discipleship
Life Skills

Faith and Discipleship: Teaching God's love, forgiveness, and restoration through reliance on Him

Mentorship: Developing integrity, perseverance, and selflessness as the foundation for maturity and success.

Education: Fully-accredited, supportive, on site school to restore confidence and help achieve academic potential.

Life Skills: Developing employability skills and work ethic, contributing to success in family and community.

Your tax deductible gift provides all of this and gives hope to these teens, to their parents, their siblings, grandparents, friends, mentors, teachers…

to their whole community!

Give the gift of Hope today!