Christian Rehabilitation in a modern world

We offer Christian Rehabilitation in Canada.

Faith in self requires faith in purpose, our Christian Rehabilitation program is just that - an act of faith in your troubled teen.

We specialize in teaching a Christian-based approach in our youth treatment center, and have help teens with a variety of life-controlling issues including drug, alcohol, and pornography addiction.

Faith-based solutions require a willingness to hold ourselves and your teens character to the highest regard - knowing their salvation is our salvation - it's our calling to help your troubled teen.

We work laterally with parents, guardians, grandparents, lawyers, and youth workers to help teen boys overcome pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, and anger relate issues. Using a Christian world-view, we can effectively help teens find the freedom only God can bring, giving them back their lives.

Our Christian rehab program challenges teens to take responsibility for their recovery. As they mature in all areas of their lives, they are enabled to confront life's challenges with confidence. Together we can help them beat their life-controlling issues.

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