Change is Possible

You know it, and we know it. How things are isn’t how things have to be.


It can be one of the most powerful moments in a story. A villain, dedicated to destruction and death, is redeemed. Instead of destroying the villain, the hero reaches out and offers them another way. When this is truly chosen, it is incredible. The villain slowly begins to change and realize that they don’t have to keep living the way that they did.


It’s the story of each of our lives. We lived in sin and darkness, our very nature setting us against God. It was his love and care for us that brought us back to Him. It isn’t because we deserve it. It isn’t because we are good. It is because He deserves our love. It was because He is good.


Your gift is a similar gesture to the lost in the world. Many of the students who come to Rock Solid believe that no one could ever love them. “If you really knew me you wouldn’t want me around.” But God knows, and God loves anyway.


Your gift will be used to bring about that change in the lives of our students. Your gift will bring hope and light into the darkest of hearts. Your gift turns villains into heroes.

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