Bringing Families Together

"I get so excited to see our parents and students rediscover that they can have fun together. Family Camp is the place where arguments are replaced with laughter, sometimes for the first time in years. It is also an opportunity to meet with the parents to gain greater insight into the background of our students.

Family Camp is important because several things happen all at once. Parents connect with other parents to find hope that they are not alone. Parents get connected to our staff and great resources. Students and Parents reconnect with one another and rediscover that they like each other. Hurts are talked through, apologies are made, and relationship are renewed."

- Micah Downing, Student Life Director

Simmie Family Camp 2008Summer is a time for families, slower scheduled and lazy days. This is especially true as we begin to move out of Covid restrictions and are able to be reunited with family we have been separated from. It's really no different from the lives of students at Rock Solid Refuge. Schoolwork is finished for a season and more outdoor activities are planned in the warm summer sun.

As plans for our annual Family Camp get underway, there are a few projects in the works to help students and their families be reunited in August. Increasing accommodations, preserving the lifespan of an outdoor sports pad and creating dry storage space for horse supplies will make a huge difference. Will you create positive memories and help Bring Families Together in August 2021?

Moving the duplex on site allows parents of RSR students to enjoy the comforts of home and spend quality time together. Having this home in place will be invaluable to accommodate family visits throughout the year round, interns, temporary staff, volunteer groups, as well as board members and their families. We are grateful the duplex is ‘move in ready’, and once set on a new concrete foundation, will be safe and available for use. We can’t wait to welcome our first guests!

Antonio family photoMoving the 100 year old barn increases our dry storage space for hay, riding supplies and horse grooming. Students and their parents will be able to spend quality time together riding, enjoying conversation and building positive memories together. Horses helps students who struggle with interpersonal relationships to find connection and safety. For some young men, this experience will be the first time they experience a meaningful connection and will be another step towards healing and freedom.

Physical activity is critical for teens to release energy and promote healing. Much of the outdoor activity for Family Camp will be held on the sports pad. Every day students use it and — while disguised as sports — tears, frustration and anger are released, negative thoughts are challenged, and staff have the opportunity to mentor and encourage young men. Re-covering its surface will provide many more years of use as we continue to ‘play’ alongside students and expand in the coming years. Will you help promote healing and wholeness for more students through the release of energy on the newly surfaced sports pad?

Thank you for engaging and helping make Family Camp 2021 the best one EVER! With your generosity families will be impacted for eternity.

Antonio family photoWe are also going to be resurfacing the sports pad on site to protect this asset that endures consistent use every day of the year by our very active students.

Thank you for partnering with Families!