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Tim’s Testimony

Tims Story

As a boy, I was starved for attention. I felt as though I was worthless, and I had no parents around to love me, support me, or teach me. I found my father’s pornography tapes when I was 8, and this began my addiction to pornography. When I was 12 years old, my mother ended up…

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Charles Story

Jerricks Story

My name is Charles. I’m from Saskatchewan. I was adopted at birth. In grade 9, I went to a big school where I was bullied by the kids in my class. This is when I started smoking marijuana, drinking, and cutting myself; I was depressed and tried to commit suicide a few times. I was…

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The Old Man is Washed Away

Micahs Story

By Micah Downing, Direct Contact Staff On the day he arrived at Rock Solid Refuge he made his position clear, “There is no God!” As we got to know Joaquin better, we realized this pronouncement came from a deep-seated anger at God. He blamed God for his pain. Working with him, getting to know him,…

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Summer Highlights 2016

Summer 2016 Highlights

 At the end of June, report cards went out. Our students are usually encouraged by the grades they achieve, excelling under the close tutelage of our teachers. Summer finds the students enjoying the outdoors and working in our garden. July 18 – 23 they went to Wilderness Ministries Bible Camp on Tobin Lake for canoeing,…

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Cornelius story

Cornelius Story

I’m from Alberta and I’m 15 years old. I will graduate from Rock Solid Refuge at the end of June. My life began like a pebble on the bottom of a raging river. My Father was severely abusive to all of us and threatened to kill us. When I was two years old, he tried…

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Freed from addiction

Logans Story

In the beginning, my family was very blessed. I had a believing mother who regularly took my brother and me to Church and Sunday School. It wasn’t till I was 10 years old that I first experienced true pain. I learned our father had been having an affair and was leaving our family. This broke…

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Student Profiles


Henry   I’m in grade 9 and my favourite subject is science. I enjoy fishing, mechanics/tinkering, music, skateboarding, being outside, exploring, spending time with family and friends. I like to understand how things work which means taking them apart; this can mean trouble when the owner doesn’t want it in pieces. I came to Rock…

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